Surmai Fish Fillet
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OverviewSurmai or Kingfish! The evergreen Indian favourite. Robust in taste and texture, the fish fillet is without any spines and very easy to eat
Reccomended EatingSurmai is the king of fish fry! Just cost the fillet with masala and fry them till crispy and brown and enjoy a lovely fish fry
Preparation MethodOur fillets are completely cleaned and deboned. You just need to cut them into the piece size you want (or tell us to do it for you) and they are ready to cook
Serve Size500 Gms fish fillet typically has 2 big sized pieces of fish. We can either ship them as is for you to cut at home or you can advice us the size in which to cut the fillet pieces
Fresh Surmai fillets. Fresh and tasty

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    Surmai Fish Fillet