Spicy Sausage
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OverviewThe veritable chicken sausage, given an Indian spin. Sausage meets kebab and voila, you get the tasty, Spicy Chicken Sausage
Preparation MethodTo cook the sausage, either grill them in an oven or in a barbecue on high heat. Or alternately boil the sausage and slice and eat as a snack
Recommended EatingBest eaten grilled over the barbeque or in an oven to get a perfect char on the sausage. The sausage can also be boiled and eaten as a snack or as a pizaa topping
Serve SizeEach 250 Gms pack contains about 7-8 pieces of sausage
Chilli FactorThe spicy sausage - as its name suggests - has a dash of spicy to add flavour. So expect Hot Hot!
An Indian twist to the veritable sausage! Kebab meets sausage

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Spicy Sausage