Rohu Steak
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OverviewOne of the most popular and tastiest fish with soft and tender flesh. Our steaks are from small sized fish, well cleaned, and ready to cook with just a wash. A word of caution, the steaks have fish bones, so kids need to be especially careful
Preparation MethodThe Rohu Steak is completely cleaned and washed and ready to use. Just give them a rinse once and they are good to go straight in the pan to make a delicious meal
Recommended EatingCan be used to make a variety of dishes. Especially popular in all Bengali and Oriya cuisine, and used with some delicious curries. Please check the following link for a wide variety of recipes
Serve SizeOur serve size is 500 Gms, which typically incudes around 6-7 pieces of Rohu

Fresh Rohu steak. Tender, fresh fish

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Rohu Steak