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Overview Fresh Chicken Tikka, marinated with special premium spices, grilled to perfection to give you a tikka that is fit for royalty!
Reccomended Eating Ideal as a stand alone snack, the Shahi Tikka is a delight to eat. You can also add it into Roomali Rotis with a bit of onions and green chutney to create your own shahi rolls
Preparation Method Heat lighly in a micorwave or just saute in a pan with some light oil. The Shahi Tikka is easy to cook, and delicious to eat
Serve Size A 250 Gms serving will have approx 6-8 bite sizes chunks
Chilli Factor Not very spicy, the Shahi Tikka can he handled even by young lovers of the tikka
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Our premium Chicken Tikka. Fit for royalty!

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Roasted Chicken Shahi Tikka