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Overview Whole fresh pomfret marinaded, Ready to fry and eat.
Preparation Method Our pomfret marinade makes a perfect pomfret fry. Heat some oil in a pan till hot. Lightly fry the fish on one side and cover with a dish for an even cook. Flip over and repeat on the other side. Also ideal for grilling and barbecues
Recommended Eating Fry it or barbeque it, our pomfret goes well as a stand alone snack or with some roti and rice. A dash of lemon and some green mint chutney are great accompaniments
Serve Size Each serve is full pomfret, marinaded. Each pomfret weighs anywhere between 150 - 200 Gms
Chilli Factor Hot Hot
Brand NeatMeats
Whole fresh pomfret. Marinaded, ready to fry and eat!

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Pomfret Marinade