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Overview Chicken Sheekh Kebab spiced with mint, for that tasty, fresh, chicken sheekh
Preparation Method The Kebab is 80% done, and just needs little cooking to get it ready to eat. Either microwave the kebabs for around 2 minutes or cook them in an oven at 180 deg C for 10 mins
Recommended Eating The Minty Kebab goes really well as a stand alone snack, and a green mint chutney and some fresh thinly sliced onions are its preferred accompaniments
Serve Size Every 250 Gms has around 3-4 whole sheekhs, packed with the taste and goodnes of our Minty Kebab
Chilli Factor Hot! Mildly spiced
Brand NeatMeats
Minty fresh & tasty! Chicken Sheekh with mint overload!

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Moroccan Mint Kebabs