Frequently Asked Questions

How to order?
Orders can be placed :
1. either on this website
2. on phone by dialling our number +91 9555 30 4444 / 011 3959 5459
3. and even if you SMS us on the number +91 9555 30 4444
What is the delivery area?
We are currently only delivering in "new Gurgaon". Broadly the area bounded between the highway, Sohna Road, Golf Course Road and Golf Course Extension Road. Broadly the coloured area in the map below is where we are delivering. Do call in case there is any doubt.
What if I want to return the product?
Our products are tested for quality before despatch and in the rare event that you find the product delivered not to your satisfaction, we will take it back. No questions asked

Are there any shipping charges?
We do not levy any delivery charges on products that are shipped within the allotted time slots to customer assuming the order is above Rs 199 in value. In case the order is below that value, we levy a nominal charge of Rs 50 towards delivery

How soon will the product be received by us?
If deliveries are within the allotted time slots selected, then the deliveries will be made within the allotted time slots. We may not be able to accommodate any special time requirements for delivery within the slots, should you so require them.

How can I track my order?
While we work on a technology to allow you to track your order real time, currently you would need to call us on 9555 30 4444 and we would update you on the status of your order
How can I pay for the meat?
We offer Online Payment and COD as modes of payment. If informed earlier, our delivery boys also carry a card swipe machine to allow you to pay by Credit / Debit cards at your delivery location
What if I want a special meat or cut or have some bulk requirements? Can you arrange?
Special meats, cuts and bulk requirements can be addressed on a case to case basis. For the same, please write to us on and we will revert to you within a couple of hours

Have a party at home. How do I order large quantities?
Nothing like some great meats to spice up a party. Given adequate time, we will be happy to arrange bulk quantities for your raw, processed or marinade requirements. To connect on the same, please write to us on and we will revert to you within a couple of hours